Prof. Mercier wins Outstanding Engineer of the Year Award

In its 69th year, the annual Engineers Week Awards Banquet, hosted by the San Diego County Engineering Council (SDCEC) on February 21, 2020, is bringing together leaders in our community to celebrate those who educate, create and advance engineering.

“Engineers make a difference in this world and improve people’s lives. Yet very few people know what engineers do. Engineers Week is about raising visibility of engineering. There are over 20 professional engineering society chapters in San Diego and many more student chapters. My goal is to expand their visibility and support their initiatives. The SDCEC brings the chapter leaders together to collectively plan for the future. We celebrate engineering achievements and recognize the work of local chapters and their volunteers during the Engineers Week Awards Banquet. It is also an opportunity for students and educators, exploring engineering, to meet experienced engineers and to inspire each other,” said Debra Kimberling, SDCEC President.

The 2020 winners who will be receiving the prestigious SDCEC Engineering Honor Awards are:

Outstanding Engineer of the Year Award
Patrick Mercier, Ph.D., University of California San Diego

Outstanding Engineering Educator Awards
George Youssef, Ph.D., San Diego State University
Krisztina Hagey, Hoover High School
INCOSE Co-Sponsored – Roger Dohm, Poway High School

Dr. Thomas Avolt Kanneman Outstanding Engineering Service Award
Lazaro Herrera, Success Innovations & Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Outstanding Leadership in Engineering
Katharine E. Baker, P.E., T.Y. Lin International, Engineers Without Borders

Outstanding Engineering Project
Athena Racing, Loxley Browne, Founder & CEO

The distinguished winners come from a variety of backgrounds, but the recurring theme is the advancement of engineering.

Professor Patrick Mercier has developed numerous groundbreaking technical advances in wearable devices, power management/energy harvesting, and near-zero-power wireless technologies for the Internet of Things. He co-founded and co-directs the Center for Wearable Sensors at UC San Diego, where he stewards academic-industry relationships and provides funding to UC San Diego faculty across engineering, medicine, and visual arts. He is active in K-12 outreach including the Hands-on-Technology summer camp and ENSPIRE.

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