ISSCC 2020: paper, tutorial, two forums, and an industry showcase

Prof. Mercier and the EEMS Lab will be very active at ISSCC 2020 this coming year!

First – congratulations to Po-Han Wang, Hongsen Yang, and the collaboration with Prof. Dinesh Bharadia’s group, including Chi Zhang, on the upcoming paper entitled “A 28μW IoT Tag That Can Communicate with Commodity WiFi Transceivers via a Single-Side-Band QPSK Backscatter Communication Technique”. This paper will demonstrate the first chip for pragmatic WiFi-compatible backscatter, with a demonstration of communication over 10s of meters at record-setting power levels. More details of this exciting advance will be available in February 2020. This paper continues the EEMS Lab ISSCC streak at 11 papers in the last 4 years.

Prof. Mercier has multiple other activities at ISSCC 2020, including giving a tutorial on the topic of “Interface Circuits for Wearable and Implantable Sensing Systems”. He is also the co-organizer of two forums: “Power Management as an Enabler of Future SoC’s”, and “Sensors for Health”. Finally, Prof. Mercier is a co-organizer of the ISSCC 2020 Industrial Showcase, which will highlight how advances in silicon circuits, SoCs and systems are fueling the most innovative industrial applications and products of the future.

We look forward to an exciting and busy ISSCC 2020!

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