Three papers at VLSI 2020

The Energy Efficient Microsystems Lab will be presenting three papers at the 2020 VLSI Symposium. While the conference will not be in beautiful Honolulu this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the new online format does offer an exciting way to join regardless of where you are located in the world – and without having to travel! Presentations will be made fully asynchronously for convenience across time zones.

This year, Jiannan (Jason) Huang will be presenting a paper on a VCO-based analog front-end for biopotential recording that uses a background-calibrated differential pulse code modulation approach to increase the linearity of a VCO-based quantizer. Ali Nikoofard will be presenting an RF receiver that utilizes 16-FSK modulation to close a 1km link budget while consuming less than a milliwatt; a neat N-path-filter-based demodulator will be described. Finally, Po-Han (Peter) Wang will be presenting a dual-mode Wi-Fi/BLE wake-up receiver that achieves better than -90dBm sensitivity while consuming only a few microwatts of power for a wake-up latency of 1s.  These are all exciting developments in low-power and energy efficient circuits for biomedical and/or wireless communication applications.  Please join us for the virtual format!

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