ISSCC 2023: Two papers + Demo Session

We are pleased to announce the Energy Efficient Microsystems Lab will help present two papers at ISSCC 2023. One will be on a vertically-integrated power delivery system in collaboration with Prof. Hanh-Phuc Le’s group, and the other will be on a single-mobile-device interrogator that enables LTE energy harvesting and BLE-to-WiFi backscatter in collaboration with Prof. Dinesh Bharadia’s team. More details available at ISSCC in February!  This brings the EEMS total ISSCC paper count over the last seven years to 19 (with 25 total papers over Prof. Mercier’s career).



Also, Prof. Mercier is chairing the two demo sessions at ISSCC this year, and both papers will be participating. Please be sure to attend if you want to see both of these systems working, along with many other exciting demos!

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